We can provide a safe, reliable and cost effective fitting service to fit or turn any cutting edge or bucket teeth.

For many of our customers, we provide a safe and reliable fitting service. Our fully trained site engineer will attend your site and using our specialist equipment, safely remove and fit new edges or turn existing edges, if supplied by ourselves. We are also able to provide a full fitting service for bucket teeth, to ensure that these are fitting safely and correctly.

We ensure our fitting service meets the highest health and safety procedures and believe that over time, we have perfected our technique.

With this, we believe that we provide a fitting service, that is not only safe, but extremely efficient and cost effective. Ensuring that you have the least amount of downtime possible.

All of our site engineers are fully trained to carry out our fitting services and have full up-to-date site passports, as well as extensive health and safety training. One of the reasons we provide a fitting service is to ensure that our products are fitted safely and correctly. With this, we provide full method statements and risk assessments.

We ensure that all of our site engineers carry up-to-date documents with them, so that they can personally provide any method statements or risk assessments whilst on site, however, we are more than happy to email over all relevant information, including our public liability insurance, beforehand.

When fitting wear parts to multiple machines at one site, we are always able to offer a discount price, to ensure that you are getting the best value for money when outsourcing all of your fitting needs.