We offer an in-house lineboring service, which can be included as part of a full bucket refurbishment or as a standalone service.

The need for repairs and maintenance within any hard working plant environment is unavoidable, it is however the ability to carry out those services with speed and accuracy that keeps your operation flowing efficiently.

All machines will start to show signs of wear and will need maintenance. Often bosses and bushes become misshapen or worn and this can reduce the efficiency of the machine, as well as creating a potential health and safety risk. As well as damage to the bucket bosses and/or bushes, over time, damage to the machine arms can occur.

We want to help our customers get the most from their equipment. This is why we can now offer a lineboring and rotary welding service. By machining the bore oversize, replacing the worn material using our automated bore welding technique then machining back to the original specification we can restore worn parts to get your machine back into production.

This is carried out using our Climax BB4500 Boring Machine we can achieve bores from 45mm DIA up to 254mm DIA, which generally covers the majority of popular buckets and machines. Recently, we have been carrying out lineboring services on more and more machines, bringing them in house to have a complete overhaul.

In some cases, we have worked on machines where the end of the loader frame arm has broken, this is something we are able to repair and linebore to ensure that both arms are in line and to the correct specification.